Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Unbridled Science

Here's an article from Michelle Malkin's site about Obama's new science czar.

In a vaccum, perhaps this outlook on humanity as a ecological problem that needs control might make sense. The problem is that no aspect of our existence on this Earth can be taken in a vaccum. Whether it is our politics, our marital relationships, our business dealings, or anything else that we do on Earth, everything we do leaves us accountable. To our fellow human beings, and most importantly, to God.

A government without accountability to a higher power is tyranny, pure and simple. Science unchecked by morality, or goverened by a warped morality, is evil. Ask the victims of the Holocaust on that one.

A government that would institute a man with these sorts of beliefs as the overseer of scientific progress in this country is immoral. Pure and simple. This focus on global warming and other "green" bunk is simply a front to advance the agenda of a totalitarian, socialist, morally corrupt facet of society.

This health care plan that Obama is pushing? The state will decide who gets care and who doesn't. And with a science czar like this to help determine who is fit to live and reproduce, have you any doubts about where a political conservative is going to end up on an organ transplant list? Probably pretty low as a recipient.

But as a forced donor?

I'm just saying.....


Anonymous said...

The average American doesn't want to think about taking things like this to the extreme; they, like you point out, want to consider individual theories in a vacuum. But at some point, you can't separate a person's beliefs from how they make decisions. And so to give all that power to one person who doesn't believe the way we do, "extreme" won't even begin to describe the way the decisions will look. "Genocide" will be more like it.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to a new posting. Hoping your schedule will allow you to post soon.

Windy Wilson said...

Values matter. One's beliefs influence and shape one's decisions.
Another thing about man-made values is that society's values are determined by consensus of society, which means that who is valued can change over time, and can be determined by majority vote. We are all then only one vote away from being unhuman fertilizer/ animal food and organ farms.