Tuesday, February 01, 2005

"Don't Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me The Pliers...."

More useless trivia. Where did that phrase come from? Don't resort to Google, either. A giant, hearty pat on the back for all that get it.

I just think it's a great random phrase to throw out on occasion.

“Of Course You Know; This Means War”

Bugs Bunny nailed it. Mexico has decided that Prop. 200 in Arizona (a measure denying voting rights to illegal aliens, among other things) is illegal. They will seek to fight it in US courts.

If that doesn’t work, they intend to go to the world courts. That lets you know what kind of trouble we’re in from the rest of the world. Our rights and freedom mean nothing to the rest of the world. Mexico seems intent with flooding us with every lawbreaker they can fling over the border. They want us to pay for their health care, their education, and anything else they can stick us with. They want us to have an “open society”, whatever the heck that is.

This one world, uni-government thing is a crock of crap. Mexico can eat hot death.

This is an invasion. It should mean war.

Enough. Stop the madness, and get our borders protected. Guards, walls, dogs, and whatever else we can stick down there.

It seems the great Rush Limbaugh has come over to the dark side, and has begun calling for more secure borders. Glad to have the most powerful voice in talk radio on the side of the angels. It makes me think even more highly of him. He’s flying in the face of the party, at this point.


A car flamethrower. They say it’s nonlethal. That’s ok. Hopefully, it will illuminate the carjacker enough that he can be shot.

The above items were found off Michael Savage’s website. It’s a great resource.


Everyone likes to cuss lawyers. That is, until they actually need one. It occurs to me that lawyers are a lot like handguns. They are handy to have around, because if you need one, you need one badly. When you do need one, you want the best you can get.

Anyone else think the Iraqi elections are a pretty good sign? It’s not over yet, but this is a great thing. The first free elections over there in 50+ years. How can anybody not be happy with that outcome??

I heard on the radio that John Kerry missed over 100 days in the Senate due to his campaigning and whatnot. It is the law that his pay should be docked accordingly, and that he should refund what he had already been paid. He refused. Courtesy of the Jerry Doyle show.

Hillary Clinton has begun moving herself to the middle, slowly but surely. She’s definitely positioning herself for the Presidential candidacy in 2008. She’s bashed Bush on illegal immigration (this is the first time I’ve agreed with her on ANYTHING), mentioned God and prayer constantly, and bought herself an assault weapon. Just kidding. The first two she actually has done.

I think there is no more resounding affirmation for conservatism than by observing Hillary move right. She’s trying to get voters by coming over to our side a bit. Talk about a dark day for the world if that demon ever makes if into office.....

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