Friday, January 28, 2005

Your Nightly Mental Run With Scissors

I have just discovered the genius of P.J. O’ Rourke. The man is terribly funny, and very sharp. I am in the middle of PARLIAMENT OF WHORES, and it pretty much accurately describes the U.S. government.

His book quotes General Robert C. Schenck, who gives us the following pearl of wisdom:

“Put not your trust in kings and princes. Three of a kind will take them both.”


The following information comes from AMERICA’S FIRST FREEDOM, February 2005, and an article titled, “Will Britain Rise Up?”

The reader might be aware that private ownership of firearms has been pretty much abrogated across the pond. That’s bad enough as far as I’m concerned, but it gets much, much worse.

The article notes that a farmer named Tony Martin shot and killed one of three burglars who entered his home in the dead of night, wounding another. He did it with an unregistered shotgun. He was convicted of murder. The surviving wounded burglar sued him, with government-donated funds. Martin eventually had his sentence reduced to manslaughter. However, the state argued that “...burglars are members of the public who must be protected from violent householders.” (P.39)

England is facing an escalating violent crime rate. Criminals are boldly entering homes, and doing what they will to the occupants. They are armed with knives, clubs, chemical weapons, and even guns. This is despite the fact that gun ownership for private, law-abiding citizens is only a historical note now. This once again proves the point that gun control defangs the law-abiding citizen only.

A proposal to pass a bill guaranteeing homeowners the right to use any means necessary to defend their property was blocked in May of 2003. (P.40)

There is hope for the Limeys. There seems to be a groundswell of public support for some sort of guarantee that homeowners can defend themselves in their own abodes. (P.39-40)

This, dear reader, is exactly what will happen over here, if liberals hold sway in our government.

In my humble opinion, when a government says that a person no longer has the right to defend his own life; the government is illegitimate. Obviously, that government no longer has the best interest of its people in mind. And if the government doesn’t protect its citizenry, what good is having one at all?

England has effectively given its criminal class free rein to break into whatever home they desire. They know there are no guns in there. They know they can terrorize, beat, rape, and torture whoever they find in the home. They aren’t afraid of prison. The only thing that might deter them is the thought they might get blown to hell if they break in.

Does an empowered citizenry work? It sure helps. The U.S. has a far lower rate of domestic burglary that the UK. (P.41)

Does the reader think it can’t happen here? Keep in mind that many people who act to defend themselves here in America face (at the very least) civil lawsuits for injuring their attackers. Many face criminal charges.

This is another good reason for lawsuit reform in this country. A criminal should be estopped from filing suit against his victim, under any and all circumstances. The right to shoot the bastards shall not be abridged.


I was warned in advance that one of last night’s episodes was hilarious. It was. The kids buy ninja weapons, and proceed to transform into Japanese Anime characters. Cartman became a ninja whose sworn mission was to rid the world of “hippies.”

A noble goal indeed.

I don’t mean exterminate them, unlike Cartman. Just make them get jobs, quit smoking dope, pay taxes, and bathe occasionally.


I go in search of an abode for the various pets. No blogging this weekend. Not that anyone’s heartbroken over that proposition or anything.....


Anonymous said...

Obviously, the thing to do in England after wounding and or killling the burgular is to take something from him. This would make you a robber entitled to full legeal protection, not just a lower than scum homeowner.

Anonymous said...

The above comment was pure genius.