Sunday, April 30, 2006

"What Ever Happened To Saturday Night?"

Random bits of music trivia again. Name the song the title of this post comes from, the artist who perfomed it, and the album(s) it appears on.

An interesting question, though. I used to have fun on Saturday nights. Socially. Now social activity consists of running into someone I know at the checkout counter of the local Blockbuster. Not that I was ever a party animal or anything. But it used to be fun to go to dinner and a movie with friends. Now the friends are busy doing their own thing. We're new in this town, so I haven't met a whole lot of people yet. I hope to change all of that, but I have a feeling that my social days are pretty much over.

It's sad in a way, but life moves on. That leaves me venting in the blogosphere late at night. Oh well.

I did see THE SENTINEL at a matinee. It's a pretty good movie, especially if you're a 24 fan. Keifer Sutherland's character is Jack Bauer redux. The only problem I had with the movie was a glaringly inaccurate statement regarding Sig-Sauer pistols, plus a blatant liberal propaganda message regarding the Kyoto Protocol.

The movie talks about a "safety" on a Sig. Anyone who has a passing familiarity with guns knows that Sigs don't have safeties, other than the trigger. Some models to have de-cocker levers, but no safeties. Most law enforcment agencies are going to pistols that are double-action only. This is for training purposes, as well as safety issues. Even an idiot can be made to understand that one keeps their finger out of the trigger guard or the pistol will go boom. Such inaccuracy in the movies bothers me, for some reason.

The liberal propaganda regarding the Kyoto Protocol is to be expected, but it burns me up nonetheless. This is a prime example of Hollyweird forcing their agenda down our throats via the movies. I wish they'd just keep it to themselves. Just entertain me, Hollywood. You're not bright enough to do anything else. Especially when all the evidence really shows that global warming is a farce. Read STATE OF FEAR by Michael Crichton, and actually follow up and read the research he cites.

Hollywood is somewhat concerned about plummeting box office revenues. Could it possibly be because people are getting fed up with Hollywood forcing its amoral and dangerous viewpoints on them? You can't watch anything on television without there being some sort of gay character. Every show that has a politician in it has to make that politico a Democrat. Maybe the heartland is voting with its pocketbook. That ought to send some sort of message, I would think. I doubt Clooney, Ledger, Gyllenhaal, or their ilk will be smart enough to understand the message, however. Oh well, again.

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