Wednesday, November 15, 2006

But Here's What We Get With The Republicans.... I guess we aren't a darn bit better off. What a bunch of morons. This article via Michelle Malkin shows that Mel Martinez, the new "leader" of the GOP, is completely clueless as to what won the Republicans such an overwhelming majority, before now.

No wonder the Republicans got their butts kicked. And it looks like more will be coming down the pike in 2008. They just don't understand. Either that, or they don't care. I'm leaning toward the don't care option, myself. I think Bush has sold us out, and continues to do so. Harriet Myers, raising minimum wage, uncontrolled spending, the border, etc. I could go on awhile on this subject. The bottom line is, the Republican leaders that we are seeing aren't a big improvement over the Democrats.

So 2008 could be the end of the Republican party, quite honestly. I won't vote for Guliani, since he's anti-gun. I won't vote for McCain because he's a slimy communist, anti-gun, and a collaborator, etc. I think quite a few Republicans are in the same shoes as I. We won't sell out ideals just to keep democrats from office. Didn't they learn anything from Ross Perot's candidacy? Conservatives will support a conservative. Papa Bush stabbed us in the back by raising taxes, and it cost him the election. Dole was in the same vein, so Perot looked like somebody who voiced a conservative agenda. He got quite a few votes away from the Republicans, enough to allow Slick Willie into office twice.

It could very well happen again. If so, I think you'll see a mass exodus of Republicans to something else. What that might be, I have no idea. But it might be time to see TR's bull-moose party make a comeback. Or something. Almost anything is better than what we have. I think there's room for it, as Perot and Roosevelt both proved in their day. And I think the Republicans are far too disdainful of the conservatives in this country.

I think it's time to show them what conservatism is all about.

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