Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ditto T.S.

Thomas Sowell re-iterated something that I've been saying for awhile.

It's not about voting lockstep with your party, for us conservatives. We seem to hold principle over party cohesion. This is not a bad thing, but it does tend to hurt election chances in a two party system.

That's where the dems are kicking our butts. They'll stick together as Dems, even if everyone isn't under the same tent.

When you've got fake Republicans like John McCain under our umbrella, it makes it pretty hard to get cohesive. It's because the man is a slimeball, and most conservatives hate him. We won't vote for him simply out of party loyalty. We're more principled than that. Again, look at what happened with Perot. Bush Senior hosed us, and we responded by voting for somebody else. It will probably happen again, the way the idiotic Republican party is shaping up.

Speaking of McCain, I had the misfortune to watch him take the US commander in Iraq to task earlier today. The general stated that he really didn't need any more troops in Iraq. He simply wanted to use the troops there with Iraqi counter-insurgents in a more expanded role, which he thought would handle the problems over there more effectively.

McCain, in his supreme arrogance, stated the majority of American people thought differently. Great. I loathe the man with all my heart. He's flat wrong. I think if you talked to most of us, we'd say we'll let the generals fight the war the way they want to. McCain was posturing like the fat toad he is, trying to look like a Presidential candidate. McCain apparently had his brain fried in the prison camp, and learned nothing from Vietnam. Let the military run the war, and keep popular opinion away from military decisions. That cost us Vietnam, lest anyone forget.

If he's the best the Republicans have to offer, I'll vote for somebody else. Party cohesion means nothing if I'm sacrificing my principles. I learned this lesson the hard way regarding my job choice, and I'll err on the side of my conscience from here on out in all things. If that puts me in the minority, so be it.

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