Monday, July 03, 2006

Hamadan...Why The Supremes Got It Wrong (Or Five Of Them, At Least)

Powerline illustrates what Abe Lincoln did during the Civil War to manage to hold the Union together.

Different times, you say? Still, it looks like the Supremes managed yet again to ignore stare decisis.

Reasonablenut thinks every Muslim in the U.S. can now cloak himself in the Geneva Convention. He postulated that if we shoot one with a hollowpoint bullet in the middle of a home or business break-in, would we now have violated international law? Can we be dragged in front of the Hague for war crimes? We have a pretty good case by the Supremes now that could be used to extend it that far.

I think the UN would see it that way.

Combatants that don't wear a uniform, don't play by the rules of Geneva or any other war treaty, and WE have to play nice and give them due process? They aren't US citizens. Why do we have to give them the protections of our Constitution?

Maybe John Paul Stevens will think differently if his family is in the next building bombed by terrorists on US soil.

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