Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Israeli Gears

I haven't said anything about the whole situation over there in Lebabnon and Israel. I'll weigh in on it, I guess.

Go, Israel!!!

That should about cover it.

Well, I guess I can elaborate somewhat.

For those of you who think Israel is being too harsh, what would you have them do?

You either agree that Israel has a right to exist, or it doesn't. If it does, then the Israelis have the right to self-defense, to protect their citizens from attack, and to police their borders. If you think Israel does not have that right, then there's no sense discussing this any more.

History shows us that conceding land to people in order to forestall a war doesn't really work too well. Remember the Sudetenland that Hitler ended up with? Chamberlain thought it would stop there. Israel pulled out of the West Bank, and trouble just got closer to home.

The only way to deal with evil is to wipe it out. This is a very simple concept. Israel understands this. Their survival depends on it. Biblically speaking, the forces opposing Israel are the enemy. Pure and simple. Secularly, the forces opposing Israel are supporting terrorism, and advocating the establishment of sharia worldwide. That makes them evil, no matter what one's religious views on the subject.

So all that remains is to stay out of Israel's way, and they'll deal with the terrorism problem. They'll deal with it in the only way that will work. Break the backs of the terrorists and those who sponsor them.

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nwchapman said...

Amen. Israel is trying to teach the rest of the world how to end terrorism. All nations in general think money and possession will end conflict. In my opinion, it creates it. Our government has racked up a nasty decifit throwing money at problems. It never works. In fact, we have probably inadvertantly funded every major terrorist cell in the world, in one sense or another. While on the subject, biblically, who do you think Israel is? Since Israel is mentioned in prophecy more than any other group of people, have you ever considered that WE are part of Israel? I'm not talking about Israel as in geographic location, but Jacob, who's name was changed to Israel. You probably know the geneology, but to better explain myself, I too, will elaborate. Jacob had 12 sons, hence the "12 tribes of Israel", which was later divided into two main groups: The house of Judah, and the house of Israel. Judah is comprised of Judah and Benjamin(modern day Israel). The house of Israel is comprised of the remaining "lost 10 tribes".
The U.S., Britain, and pretty much all of the English speaking countries of today fall into the tribe of Joseph. Joseph is broken down into 2 half-tribes: Ephraim and Manasseh. We would, in reality, be descendants of Joseph, on the Manasseh side. Britain would have descended from Ephraim. With that in mind, the U.S. and Britain are mentioned more in prophecy than any other groups of people. We, as a nation, are doomed, no question about it. We are surrounded by communist/socialist, and are working toward a one world government by the day. Only true repentance can blot out our soon to come fate. Prophecy, in the last couple hundred years, has been being fulfilled at a rapid rate. "The end," in my opinion, is very near. I do not hold the same beliefs as the mainstream Christians, after studying the bible for myself and realizing everyone has followed deceitful unbiblical traditions.

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I don't mean to intrude on your pages, and I'll glady stop posting, if that is what you desire. :)