Wednesday, July 12, 2006


The Feds want everyone to be tested for AIDS? Are they nuts?

If the Feds want to test everyone for it, I'm thinking that's a huge invasion of my privacy.

We've eaten bs from the media for years about how AIDS isn't just a homosexual disease. That's true, but its spread through the hetero community is pretty limited. It hasn't been the rampant epidemic to straight, monogamous, non-druggie people that we've been told was coming. Unless you share dirty drug needles, are bisexual, gay, are Magic Johnson, or are unfortunate enough to get a bad blood transfusion, you probably ain't going to get it. The blood transfusion risk factor is almost nil nowadays. So what does that leave? High-risk people get it. That's pretty much it.

This is just some ham-handed attempt to get more money into solving a disease that strikes a certain lifestyle. It's real easy not to get AIDS, for the most part. Don't be gay, don't shoot up drugs, don't sleep around, and you're pretty darn safe. The transmissions to clean, straight people can be directly traced back to the aforementioned homosexuals, drug users, etc. who get bad blood into the system somehow, or have babies after they've contracted the disease.

So now we're going to scare the rest of the population with mandatory testing. Punish everyone else because the deviant lifestyle brought out a plague. Thanks.

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