Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Forced Conversion--What Would Peter Do--Part II

This post was placed in La Shawn Barber's comments portion concerning yesterday's discussion of forced conversion to Islam. It also ties nicely with a discussion we had going with Flametoad a couple of weeks ago. The guy knows his stuff, historically, as well as the propensity of Wahabi Muslims. The radicalization gets worse. Moderates; if there truly were such a thing, are vanishing. I think the blueprint he lays out in this post is just the way it's going to go, unless it's stopped cold. Somehow.

Islam is a menace to Western society, and it does not tolerate any other religion, way of life, or viewpoint. We cannot coexist and maintain our way of life with a religion like this. I think this ought to motivate the rest of us non-Muslims. Don't give a freaking inch to this evil. Historically, appeasement has never worked. You simply give the enemy a stronger foothold when it comes at you again.

Sometimes, despite Flametoad's feverent wishes otherwise, all-out conflict is the only solution. We may not want it, but we may not have any choice in the matter; if we want to preserve our own existence, religion, and way of life. The historical evidence indicates that is exactly where this is headed.

I hope and pray otherwise. But I'd prepare for this conflict to get a lot worse.

See this post for an example. This kind of behavior is getting more and more widespread, as warned. Hat tip again to Michelle Malkin, and Drudge Report.

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