Thursday, October 21, 2004

Good and Evil--A Primer

There seems to be some confusion about good and evil. Since there are some people who just do not get it, allow me to lay out some examples of what evil is, and what it is not.

Evil: Flying an airplane into a building and killing 3,000+ innocent noncombatants.

Not Evil: Killing a person who is intent on flying into a building and killing 3,000+ innocent noncombatants.

Evil: Strapping explosives to your chest and detonating yourself in a restaurant, killing innocent noncombatants.

Not Evil: Building a nice big fence around your home turf, ensuring that nobody with explosives strapped to their chest can blow themselves up in your local Whataburger.

Evil: Declaring that someone who does not hold the same religious beliefs as you is less than human and should be destroyed.

Not Evil: Stating that it is evil to chop the heads off people who do not share your particular religous beliefs.

Evil: Going into a 7-11, shooting the clerk, and stealing the cash from the register.

Not Evil: A clerk in a 7-11 who shoots a robber who was about to shoot him and steal cash from the register.

Evil: Drowning your own children in a bathtub.

Not Evil: Punishing someone who drowns their children in a bathtub.

Evil: Running a country where some denizens plot to fly airplanes into buildings, blow themselves up in public places, and thinking those things are fairly good ideas.

Not Evil: Kicking the crap out of the aforementioned country, so they cannot send or encourage anyone to come into our country to fly airplanes into our buildings and blow themselves up in our public places.

Evil: Communism.

Not evil: A republican democracy.

Evil: A totalitarian regime that sponsors terrorism.

Not evil: A republican democracy kicking the crap out of the totalitarian regime so they will no longer sponsor terrorism.

Evil: The clown from IT.

Not Evil: Superman.

I hope this helps somewhat.

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