Monday, October 25, 2004

Tyne Daley--The Antichrist??

Sorry, I just didn't have it in me to do anything political right now.

I watched the greatness of Clint Eastwood last night, in MAGNUM FORCE. Dirty Harry is the cop that all other movie cops aspire to be. That character really did create the archetype for rebellious cops in movies.

There is lots of great gun discussion, as well as lots of good shooting with large-caliber weapons. We know it is fiction because it takes place in San Francisco. In real life, large caliber weapons do not exist in San Francisco. The magic peace fairies have spirited them off (take that any way you want) and replaced them with enchanted lollipops. Well, not really.

This was a much better movie than the follow-up, THE ENFORCER. While that movie features a great scene where Clint blows the crap out of a guard tower with a LAWS rocket launcher, it also introduced us to Tyne Daly. The SOB talent scout that brought her into the mainstream should be flogged. Not only did we have to suffer through her terrible performance in this movie, we also had to watch her less than attractive mug for years on CAGNEY AND LACEY. It's less about her ugliness than it is about her lack of acting ability.

Notice the only part she seems to get is that of a grumpy old woman? One-trick pony, for sure.

I hated that show. I always thought Tyne Daley looked like Aughra from THE DARK CRYSTAL. The three of you who actually remember that movie will laugh your butts off on that one.

To make matters worse, CBS (The Communist Broadcasting Service) brought her Muppet-mug back on JUDGING AMY. She's older now, and much less attractive. She still cannot act her way out of a paper bag.

To further add insult to injury, JUDGING AMY espouses so much liberal crap it makes me want to hurl. The last episode that I had inflicted on me just about caused a coronary. Basically, benevolent Judge Amy is trying to get to the real reason a cheerleader snuck out of her house after curfew, and stole her mother's car.

It turns out little Buffy had to see her boyfriend. The boyfriend was a little upset with Buffy because she had an abortion. Apparently, killing a fetus with saline solution did not sit well with him. He did not support little Buffy in this regard. The whole scene made the boyfriend into some sort of ogre for wanting his baby to live, and little Buffy as a put-upon heroine that was blameless, and perfectly justified in her decision. Judge Amy actually tells Buffy that none of this is her fault, and the boyfriend is an evil Republican (Well, she didn't really say that, but the undertone was definitely there. Allow me some creative license. Her name wasn't Buffy, either). Personal responsibility is not a liberal strong-suit.

Granted, Buffy can legally have the abortion. Do we have to glorify it, though? Why couldn't we have a touching scene wherein Buffy decides to have the baby, and maybe give it to some wonderful couple who could not have children of their own? Why couldn't we have a scene where Buffy and her boyfriend agree they raise the child with their families, try to get through school, and get married? They liked each other enough to have sex, why not enough to get married? Why do we have to have the liberal, pro-abortion point of view? Can CBS at least acknowledge there are other alternatives, and not portray those alternatives as being less than desirable?

At any rate, this post degenerated from a discussion about MAGNUM FORCE to a diatribe against the liberal media. The common link here is Tyne Daley. The only logical conclusion is that Tyne Daley is both a pinko-commie and a handmaiden of Satan.

Hey, if they can demonize us, I can demonize THEM, by golly.

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