Thursday, October 28, 2004

Leave My Heroes Alone, Pinkos!

As my devoted readers (all 3 of them) saw from my post last night, I watched THE ALAMO. Again, this was the new version with Billy Bob Thornton as Davey Crockett, Dennis Quaid as Sam Houston, and Jason Patric as Jim Bowie.

To call the movie horrible is probably too much. To call it full of liberal propaganda is probably accurate. I did not enjoy it, for a number of reasons.

I noted last night Davey Crockett was made out to be a forebearer of John Kerry in this movie. If John Wayne comes back to life, somebody is going to get a butt-whipping of heroic proportions.

I will grant you the John Wayne version of THE ALAMO was full of historic inaccuracies. I will grant you the heroes of the Alamo were probably not saints.

I don’t care. We should not focus on the bad things in their lives. We should instead focus on the amazing stand they took, against overwhelming odds.

I think we need heroes in our lives. We need to be able to look back into history, and draw inspiration from what amazingly courageous men did in the past. Some of the lessons we should learn from the Alamo are that courage and conviction can win out over overwhelming odds. Sacrifice is necessary for the greater good. There ARE things worth fighting and dying for. Most importantly, 183 Texans can kick the crap out of almost anybody.

You didn’t get much of that message out of this movie. In fact, when the Alamo is about to fall, Jim Bowie asks Travis, “was it worth it?” There were a couple of other things that hacked me off, but I doubt I have the space to list them all.

What a load of garbage.

Why do we think it necessary to engage in destroying heroes from the past? Why do we think we have to show, or make up, bad things our historical idols may have done? Why can’t Hollywood focus on the incredibly great things these people accomplished?

Jim Bowie may have been a bit rough around the edges. Crockett may have been a failed politician, and a bit of a bumpkin. Travis may have gone to Texas looking for fame and fortune, and may have left a wife behind.

So what? Does Hollywood think the virtues these men ended up exhibiting are worthless? So Jim Bowie was a warrior. Well, we would not be here today if it were not for warriors. Warriors keep us safe even as we speak.

Crockett was a simple man, with simple values. I happen to share those simple values. He may not have been the best-educated man in the world, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes education gets in the way of the way life really works. This is especially true if the education is full of liberal propaganda.

Hollywood turns its nose up at what the average American believes in, anyway. Travis went to seek his fame and fortune. Is it better that he stayed home and did nothing? Is it wrong to oppose a dictator and fight for freedom? Is it wrong to want to carve out a better life from the frontier?

Are these the things that Hollywood wants us to believe? Are the characteristics these men exhibited those that Hollywood wants us to think are evil?

If you watch this movie, you would almost think so.

It may not be historically accurate, but I prefer John Wayne’s version of the Alamo. I like my heroes to be a bit larger than life. I like the fact that those movies glorified these men.

I want to look up to the heroes of the past. I want to draw inspiration from these men. I want their deeds to serve as examples for future generations. I want my country to be led by men who have the same values as the defenders of the Alamo. Those values are the same as most Americans still have, and we still hold them dear.

So give me the romanticized versions of Crockett, Bowie, and Travis. Let me hold onto the legend. The legends do nothing to ruin the amazing feats they accomplished. Likewise, the deconstruction of my heroes does not make me think them any less heroic. To that end, Hollywood failed miserably in its propaganda mission.

Legends inspire us. If we try to live up to the legend, we can accomplish much more than if we trash the legend.

So my message to Hollywood is simple: QUIT TRASHING MY HEROES, YOU PINKO-COMMIES.

We need our heroes. Now more than ever.

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