Monday, October 25, 2004

More about the 9-11 Report--Fiction Ahead of Truth

Further reading of the 9-11 Report shows that there was indeed a "no-fly" list the Feds had out there. It was posted by the FAA, and at the time of the bombing, there was a grand total of 12 people on the list (p. 84). None of which were the 9-11 hijackers.

The list was published by the FAA, but the FAA apparently had limited access to the thousands of other terrorist names floating out there in the government ether (P. 84). So my DON'T EVEN LET THEM ABOARD post is somewhat erroneous. I stand by my earlier post at least in part. There still needed to be an expanded list preventing some of these yahoos from getting on. I say again, if you are suspicious, you're getting an intense search, and you might end up flying locked in a cargo box.

The govenment seemed to be concerned only with a bombing. As a result, security measures for even those who got flagged by the aforementioned CAPPS system consisted only of checking their bags, and making sure their bags did not get on the plane until their owners actually got on board (P. 83-84).

Nobody seemed overly worried about the fact a plane makes an awesome guided missle, with destructive potential out the wazoo.

I hate to mention it, but Tom Clancy saw all this coming. Check out DEBT OF HONOR, in which a 747 crashes into the capital. Granted, he had the Japanese doing it in the book, but he DID see that one coming.

So I'm somewhat heartened by the fact we DID have a "no-fly" list. I AM NOT heartened by the fact there were only 12 people on it.

Scary, is it not?

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