Tuesday, January 11, 2005

All The News That's Fit to Retch Over

But What About the 10 million or so that Actually Made It??

This from Michael Savage’s website. The Border Patrol stopped over a million illegals from getting in here, and over a billion worth of drugs.

Not a bad start. Imagine how many we could keep out with mutant hyenas roaming through the no man’s land between the Great Wall of America and Mexican territory? Oh well. Nobody listens to me, anyway.

Not a bad job out there, Border Patrol.

What a Crock of @**!!

Dan Rather gets away with it. Well, he’s at least been forced to retire. Though why he gets to ride off into the sunset without at least a libel suit is beyond me. I think this rises to the “actual malice” standard required to show proof of defamation. CBS did do some face-saving firings of lesser henchwomen and one henchman. The real tragedy here is the report found no evidence the fraudulent news report was motivated by political leanings.

Oh, right. We believe that one. Why does nobody take these people to task, other than the bloggers and conservative radio? Not that it would matter, but I’d like to hear somebody in the MSM rip into these clowns. If this whole story wasn’t politically motivated, I’m the Pope.

Look at the timing of the story. Look at the leanings of the people involved. Look at the connections between Mapes and the Kerry campaign. I’d hate to see what they could do if they WERE politically motivated.

Nobody was flogged. That’s a shame.

Speaking of Flogging....

Armstrong Williams sure needs one. This casts a disparaging pall on the whole conservative media, from bloggers to talk radio. You can bet the liberals will be poking into the dark closets of every conservative media figure, looking for any paid connection between the Republicans and these media figures.

One reason why I’m a conservative is that I believe conservatives try to do the right thing, at least most of the time. I believe the majority of the talk radio shows and commentators out there are motivated by ideology, rather than money. We are fighting the good fight as conservatives, and that makes us morally superior to the Democrats and liberals. We don’t resort to their tactics. We don’t pay people to doctor up false reports from the 1970's. We don’t engage in race-baiting. We don’t try and frighten old people into believing we are trying to steal away social security.

In short, we try and wear the white hat. We fight under the Marquis of Queensbury rules. We don’t “dry-gulch” our opponents. We play by the rules, and we expect everyone else to do the same. We occupy the moral high ground. That’s why it’s so great when the Dems get caught in dirty politics, making up false stories, and trying to scare the bejesus out of people. It makes them look like the mean-spirited fools they are. It makes them look crooked. It makes them look ...evil. And it lets the rest of us know that we are on the right side, both figuratively and literally.

Conservative media figures are our standard-bearers. They are the ones who the public sees, and makes their impressions about the rest of us from. Williams has cast doubt on all of us with this stunt. If it is proven that conservative media is bought and paid for by politicians, then what sort of light does that cast on the rest of us? Not a very flattering one.

I guarantee every conservative media figure is being bombarded with accusations as we speak about them being on the take. The Good Lord help us all if some of these accusations prove true.

Williams needs a good public flogging. His antics have cast doubt on conservatives as a whole, not to mention undermining the President politically, at a time when he really couldn’t afford to have that sort of problem come up.

Furthermore, the administration itself ought to be ashamed. They ought to know better than to engage in something like this. They should know that if they are doing the right thing, every conservative media figure will back them up to the hilt. Without pay, I might add. When they step over the line, we will be there to call them on the carpet. That’s the essential function of the media. When its favors are bought by the government, that puts us all in a bad light.

If the government wants to sell a particular project, do what every other big business does: get a public relations person and advertise it. Put it out there for debate. As noted, if the proposition is the right thing, conservative media will back it up.

I expect this kind of garbage from the Demoncrats. I don’t expect it from the people who supposedly hold the ethical and moral higher ground.


Anonymous said...

"I believe the majority of the talk radio shows and commentators out there are motivated by ideology, rather than money."

Okay, you may accuse me of being a pollyanna in some regards, but I can now say with certainty that I'm in good company. :)


Anonymous said...

Not that they don't make money at it now, but I doubt any of them got into the business for the money. Ask Rush Limbaugh, who started out making almost nothing when he ventured into talk radio. Or Sean Hannity, or Michael Savage. None of them were making enough to survive on when they got into the business. But their message was the same then as it is today. They are just better compensated now than they were then.

You can't be passionate about the issues motivated purely by greed. Unless of course, greed is your primary motivator. I can't argue a case very passionately if I don't believe in it.

Again, there's no doubt they are making great money at it. I just don't think they got into the business for that reason. Savage got his TV show cancelled by MSNBC for being himself. I don't think he would have done that if he was simply posturing for the cash. Why cut your own throat if you are out purely for the dough?

So don't think for a minute I don't acknowledge they are well paid. I just don't think they could do what they do as passionately, if money were the primary motivator. God knows I don't write all night on this stupid blog for the money. Not that I'm mind a million or so to do this....:)


Joe said...

It is hard to want control of our borders without being painted as a racist. One of the fundamentals of a rule of law nation is in the control of your border. We do have the right, and I'll even say the duty, to control our border. It isn't a free for all to come here, at least it shouldn't be.