Saturday, January 15, 2005

The Terrorists Busted By A Waitress In The Sky

At least one reader will know what band produced the song which I pay homage to in the title of this piece.

This little tidbit of information comes from Michelle Malkin's webiste. The lowdown: rumor has it that a bunch of razor blades were found on a commerical airliner by a flight attendant. The razors were hidden in blankets in the overhead compartments.

One of the most striking things about this article came from a commentary by one of Michelle’s readers towards the end of the article. He highlights that it was a flight attendant who supposedly finds the razor blades in the blanket. His point is that it is common folks who have to carry the weight of our nation's self-defense. I agree with this reader’s comments wholeheartedly.

Should this rumor turn out to be true, it is indeed a perfect example of what I am coming to believe more and more: one cannot rely on the government for one’s own protection. It is up to us to ensure our own safety, whether it is using power tools, walking in a bad neighborhood, or stopping terrorists in our country.

The police can’t be everywhere. They’re usually going to good only for investigating a crime, after it is all said and done. The same goes with the federal government. The only thing they can do is usually pass some sort of knee-jerk reactionary law, after all the damage has been done.

Keep this in mind. As individuals in a free society, we are responsible for our own safety.

With that in mind; I'm going to dig a moat around the house, and fill it with mutant hybrid crocigators.

Random Question:

If a homeowner kills a would-be burglar in the act, shouldn't he be allowed to keep the body and display it outside as a warning to all others foolish enough to illegally enter? That might make a much more effective deterrent than those stupid alarm company signs. It worked for Vlad Tepes, after all.

I guess the crocigators won't leave much to display.


Joe said...

Not only are we individually responsible for our safety, but we have an obligation to uphold our indiviual liberites. Without liberty, we only exist.

Oh, and I think the smell of the trophy on the front lawn may upset someone's sensabilites.

Anonymous said...

I figured I'd laminate them or something. Think those freeze-dried things they sell on TV would do the trick?


Anonymous said...

Its that R band...

Just shrink the heads... hum on second thought can you enlarge the heads???

I think bringing back Pikes would be a good thing...


Anonymous said...

Pikes...I like it. You'd have to do a lot less preserving, if you just mounted the heads. Heck, a good taxidermist could put them on a really nice wall mount.