Saturday, June 24, 2006

Interview with the Author...

I have latched onto John Connolly. Not the former dead governor of Texas, mind you. He's an Irish writer who has been cranking out books about an American detective in Maine who seems to get caught into supernatural situations, wihc deal with falling from grace, redemption, and a whole lot of other cool stuff. In short, his books are incredible.

One, they're good because he uses the Queen's English far better than most of us can ever hope to accomplish. It's like reading Edgar Allan Poe, minus the absinthe. Two, his books have absolutely terrific plots, and you can't put them down. Three, lots of gunfire, and the man apparently knows his firearms.

If one were to throw Ed McBain, Stephen King, Stephen Hunter, Raymond Chandler, James Lee Burke, and Shakespeare into a blender, the end product might look like road kill. But the writing style is pretty close to Jophn Connolly.

As a frustrated novelists myself (arent we all?), I really enjoyed this interview, which is a few years old at this point.

To illustrate how good his stuff is, I bought his latest two months ago, titled BLACK ANGEL. I read it, and promptly picked up everything else he's written within a week. I am now re-reading the entire series, starting with BLACK ANGEL, again.

He's that good. Here's a link to his website, with some great info about how he writes, how he got published, etc.

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