Tuesday, June 20, 2006

You Have To Wonder.....

So we know that two American soliders were killed, their bodies mutilated and booby-trapped by the terrorists. I won't deign to call them insurgents.

It's horrible, and my heart goes out to the families. Does this change my opinion of the war on terror? No freaking way. Stay the course. Wars are won by the side that kills more of the enemy than the enemy kills of them. Boil it down to that simple equation, and guess what? We're winning. Just like we won Vietnam, by the way. Why can't the liberals get their minds around it?

Here's the really sad thing: nobody in the press seems to get bent out of shape about how our soldier's "human rights" were violated.

Where are the Democrats screaming about how those solider's treatment was inhumane? Where's Amnesty International? Nobody complains when one of the terrorists slaughters one of our guys like a cow. Why is that, exactly?

When are we going to wake up and realize the enemy won't play fair. No US soldier taken by the terrorists has survived since Jessica Lynch. As noted on this website, to a raging Jihadist, anybody who ain't Muslim is less than an animal. That means they will slaughter our soliders wholesale, with no regards to the Geneva Convention, or the fact that the Democrats want to kiss and make up.

They'll do the same to every one of us, if they get their wish. Keep that in mind. To me, that means we fight on until we've won the thing. So forgive me if I don't tear up thinking about Zarqawi's death. I could care less if they beat them with broom handles in Gitmo. They deserve far worse. Forgive me if I do shed a tear thinking about how horribly two of our soliders were butchered, and how I hope our guys kill at least 100 terrorists for every single solider we've lost. I don't see how my thinking such things is wrong.

We were watching O'Reilly's show regarding Guantanamo Bay, or as Rush Limbaugh refers to it, "Club Gitmo." You know, the place the media has been screaming about since the war began. And we heard on the BBC about a former detainee, sputtering about how horribly he was treated while at Gitmo. So what?

My wife summed it up quite nicely, as is her wont. "At least they still have their heads."

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