Thursday, June 08, 2006

Peace Through Superior Firepower

Zarqawi's dead. A hearty, "well-done" to our military.

Keep in mind this won't be the end. The battle will still rage on, probably until Armageddon itself.

I've been debating a very good friend of mine about this issue for awhile. He accepts the premise postulated by some think-tank that peaceful reasoning with non-jihadist muslims will take care of this problem. Once the bad guys see their terrorist activities aren't getting them gold stars, they'll give it up. Basically, his premise is they aren't ALL out to kill us or subjugate us. Read his post, the paper, and the discussion here.

Check this out, and keep your history in mind. Again, Michelle Malkin's got the right read on this thing.

I think my buddy's dead wrong. Jihad's been going on for quite awhile now, roughly 1400+ years. It's what Muslims are taught. It's a central principle in their religion.

Also, read, daily if you can.

Failure to recognize the danger doesn't make it any less dangerous. It just makes us look stupid when it DOES leap up and bite us squarely on the butt. It's the equvalent of ignoring a rattlesnake on your couch. Leave it there long enough, it's probably going to bite somebody in a tender area of the anatomy.

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