Monday, November 01, 2004

No Politics Tonight--Dr's Orders

To avoid pre-election jitters, I will write about something that most of you could care less about. I just do not have the strength to get into politics tonight. As noted, I will be all day dealing with this issue tomorrow. So I give you a description of Phoebe, the tiny tyrant of the household.

I mentioned in an earlier post that most of the household lives in fear of Phoebe, the female sugar glider that permits us to live in the same house with her.

Why would a household fear a creature less than a foot long, weighing about as much as a full box of matches?

It is simply because she is the Napoleon of the house. Small, but big ambition. We all know she would rule the world if given the chance.

It's a good thing God didn't make her any bigger. With her sharp claws, and the ability to glide long distances, she would make a tremendous killing machine. If she was about 50 times larger, that is.

I usually let the gliders out to play late at night. Wicket flees to the top of the closet, where he prays Phoebe will not find him. Phoebe spends her evenings running around the room, trying to find something new to eat. So far, she's eaten Kleenex, a Whitesnake cassette (yes, the good one), part of a sock, and part of a cardboard box.

She's crafty, as well. She loves to explore the house, and I usually don't let her. That's because she is tiny enough to hide almost anywhere, and smart enough to know when she is being looked for. She has been out of her room just enough to know there are neat places out there, and she plots to get out.

Sometimes I have to leave the room. I have to make sure she is away from the door so I can make a quick exit. When I come back, she usually hides behind the door. She tries to circle me and run out before I catch her. Sometimes I win, sometimes she does.

When she doesn't make her escape, she's a bit ill-tempered about it. Usually, she will go sulk in a corner for awhile. When I least expect it, she will circle around behind me and bite me. Then she will run for cover. She does the same thing if I take something away from her that she should not have.

I have also caught her trying to open the cage door where they spend most of their time. She recognizes the concept of a door, but lacks the physical strength to get it open. Thank goodness. I worry she might eat us in our sleep if she got loose.

Like most women, she manipulates men's affections to get her way. Sometimes she will curl up on my shoulder and take naps, or other little endearing things to put me off guard. She barks for attention if she feels neglected, and runs to me when something scares her.

Just when I think she is being entirely too cute for words, she will pounce on my keyboard as I type. She has managed to erase two blog entries so far. They were good ones, too.

At any rate; Phoebe will undoubtedly star in more blog entries, whenever I tire of current events as I did tonight.

I must get to bed. Tomorrow is going to be long day, and I have to face it with at least 5 hours' sleep.

Let's hope and pray it turns out a Bush victory. Let's keep praying, and those of you who haven't, go vote.

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