Sunday, November 14, 2004

Not A Bad Start

Well, I have not blogged in several nights now. I suddenly discovered sleep again.

At any rate, let us take stock of the week and how it played out.

First, Arlen Specter. I have beat that particular horse to death this week. He is still there, but I think the conservative portion of the country got the message through to him quite nicely. He will play ball. No more Borking the nominees.

Second, we have the Scott Petersen murder trial verdict. I think we all feel like a little justice was served in that case. The deliberations certainly had some scary moments, and I thought perhaps another OJ incident was looming. It seems the deadweight on the jury got thrown off, and the clear-thinking individuals got things done.

We have to give credit to the defense in this case. They obfuscated nicely for a couple of months. They were unable to create a reasonable doubt, however. However, is it possible Satanic cultists kidnapped Laci, took her to the exact spot where they knew her husband was fishing, and then killed her and Connor?

Of course it is theoretically possible. So were other theories such as alien abduction, a rampaging Sasquatch, and an insane Larry “Bud” Melman having committed these two murders. It is just not too dang likely.

I think they would have better luck with the one-armed man defense, myself. Maybe it would have worked better than it did for Richard Kimball.

How about the TWO murders? Kind of a kick in the crotch to the pro-choice movement, was it not? An unborn fetus can be murdered. Hmmmm. Very interesting. That creates an ethical dilemma of monumental proportions to a pro-choice juror, does it not?

Yasser Arafat met his eternal reward this week. Hopefully he is roasting merrily in hell even as I write this. The father of modern terrorism shuffled off this mortal coil, and some say it was the result of AIDS. It seems Yasser might have been a closet Tinkerbell, if one believes the Internet rumors, as well as what was reported on a few talk radio programs. Whatever the cause, it was a good thing.

It was very sad to see the media acting this week as though Santa Claus had died, as opposed to one of the greatest mass murderers in history. Yes, he probably did not pull the trigger in many of them. He is no less worthy of the title of monster, however. That argument does not let Adolph Hitler or Charles Manson off the hook, so it does not cut the mustard here. I am surprised Dan Rather hasn’t petitioned to have him buried Arlington National Cemetery.

Arafat is dead, and I am glad he is gone. I just worry that what replaces him might turn out worse. We shall see.

We also have the whole Fallujah situation. It appears to be going well for our troops and the Iraqis. Sadly, we have lost about 38 men, and have quite a few wounded. I know we all pray the remainder make it through unscathed, killing as many of those terrorist weasels as they possibly can. Every terrorist dead is one less we have to worry about, and thanks be to the Marines and other troops on the ground for doing the job.

Was the attack necessary? You bet. Geraldo Rivera had an interesting piece on Fox News Earlier. It seems the troops discovered a Western woman beheaded, disemboweled, and further mutilated. People who would stoop to kidnapping civilians and doing such a thing certainly do not deserve to live.

Let us hope and pray this week brings another terrorist mastermind dead, and brings Iraq closer to democracy. Let us also hope and pray that our troops return safely, after a job very well done. We should also hope and pray that our system of justice wins a couple more this week.

All in all, a great week for the good guys.

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