Tuesday, November 09, 2004

OK, I Decided I Don't Like the Guy

Newsmax has an interesting article which states Bush might have lost Pennsylvania BECAUSE of his Arlen Specter support. Check the article out here.
If that does not work, try this one and do a little searching. You'll find it.

The article notes Specter sought the President’s endorsement, then moved WAY away from it after his election.

Specter is pro-abortion. He seems a bit too liberal for my tastes even if you take the abortion issue out of the picture.

The question is whether or not Specter might jump ship and become an evil Democrat. Is it possible that if he does not get the chairmanship of the committee, he might defect?

I think a message needs to be sent to this guy and the rest of the red states: the conservatives won.

Specter can undo much of the good that was done in this election. Let’s keep in mind he voted down Robert Bork those years ago. He will not be friendly to a strict constructionist of the Constitution.

Robert Bork gave a great interview on the Laura Ingraham show this morning, by the way. It may come as no surprise that he thinks Specter is a snake in the grass.

Write your senators today, as well as Bill Frist. Tell them no to Specter. We’ll be better off for it.

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