Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Enough To Almost Make You Believe In Conspiracies

I mentioned earlier that I felt pretty much sold out by the Republicans. They aren't acting conservative, that's for sure. To make matters worse, everything the conservatives believe in finds itself under attack in the month before a major election. Lord help us, but the Republicans have given their attackers plenty of ammo to shoot.

Domestically, we have a series of horrible school shootings by madmen. We all know that every time something like this happens, we have gun control commies crawling out of the woodwork, screaming about how the NRA kills children. It's utter nonsense of course, but the Second Amendment comes under fire every time this happens. Check this post out from Individ concerning the statistics on such things. Children dead at the hands of a madman is bad press, indeed.

Oddly enough, this sort of thing happens right before an election, which seems destined to run those who at least puport to be conservative out of office.

Domestically, our border is allowing in a flood of illegal immigrants who are set to ruin our economy and our very way of life. They are helped by socialist nut jobs who scream about the rights of people who aren't even United States citizens. Traditional family values and Christianity are under attack in this country. When the, "family values" party contains a would-be pedophile, it smacks of hypocrisy.

On the foreign front, all sorts of fun stuff. The maniacal midget in North Korea sets off a nuke. The current administration and Republican-controlled Congress are going to take the blame for allowing it to get this far, thought we all know that the Clinton administration allowed this particular devil to get the tools he needed to set this thing off.

In Iraq, the violence escalates, and an explosion at a US ammo dump in Baghdad caused a ton of damage. Incidentally, we know the violence in Iraq is being egged on by Iran. Its president believes he must bring about an apocalypse to trigger the return of the Muslim Messiah. On a related note, Iranian soldiers were present when North Korea test-fired a missile earlier this summer.

All of this happened under the current administration's watch. Like it or not, the Republicans have had a couple of years to do something meaningful on quite a few of these issues. They failed. Worse, they failed because they refused to do anything, for one reason or another. The border leaps immediately to mind.

They'll pay the price for it in the upcoming elections. And it couldn't happen at a worse time. If this country ever needed the triumph of conservative ideals, it would be now. With what we are faced domestically and abroad, this country needs the same strength and moral clarity it showed in WWII.

Bush did a good job early on. But he appears to have lost his focus, and seemingly forgot who elected him. The Republicans puport to be the voice of conservatives in this country, and it was the conservative portion of the population that mobilized and got them into power in the last couple of elections. There was a clear mandate from the people. And the Republicans flat-out stabbed their supporters in the back, by and large.

So they'll pay the price for it, and we'll end up ten times worse with democrats running the show. We'll pay higher taxes, and we'll suffer continued erosions in family values. We'll probably have to suffer erosions on our Second Amendment rights. And we'll be ripe for attack from our enemies.

I blame the Republicans, by and large. They were supposed to do a job, and they failed miserably. By not standing up for what they were supposed to believe in, they have weakened themselves politically. Their political weakness translates to our country itself weakening; something we could ill-afford with what we face as a nation.

It almost makes one believe in a dark conspiracy against conservatism.

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