Friday, October 20, 2006

The Lesser Of Two Evils Part Deux

Rush Limbaugh had a great point yesterday. Well, he has great points every day, but this was particularly erudite.

Why in the world would we as conservatives cast away a protest vote, when the likley result would get the Democrats in power? Why would we want to empower the party that hates conwervatives, has constantly ridiculed conservative christians, wants to appoint activitist judges to the courts across the nation, wants to take away our gun rights, etc.? In other words, why protest when the likely result will be a weakening of our own values by allowing a party that hates everything we stand for into office?

I tend to agree. The Clinton years set this country back financially, defensively, and Constitutionally. I can't protest vote, if the result is that the democrats gain power. I've seen what they are all about, and we know exactly what it is they plan to do if they get into office. For more information, check out this link from the Washington Times on that very subject.

On the other hand, John McCain is threatening suicide if the Demoncrats win......via Limbaugh's site....

So protest voting really doesn't do anything for us this time out. Other than weaken us. I guess the key is to focus on what's important to you, and vote for the candidate that comes closest to supporting your points of view. For instance, what's important to me is lower taxes, strong prosecution of the war on terror, appointing conservative judges to the courts, gun rights, pro-life policies, and a less hostile environment for Christians out there.

We know the loony left has the demoncrat party. We know they hate guns, hate Christianity, want socialism, want higher taxes, etc. We can't allow that sort of nonsense to gain any further foothold than what's already out there. It's a defensive vote, if nothing else.

Keep in mind Bush did get us some good conservative judges on the courts. That's worth its weight in gold. There are three Supreme Court justices that are about retirement age. We could potentially get three more conservatives. We will not if conservatives lose the house and senate. Bush won't get a single nominee passed, unless he's a flaming communist. On that one issue alone, we should do whatever it takes to keep the demoncrats out.

We can pressure Republicans to stand up and do the right thing. It worked in the case of Harriet Meyers when Bush screwed up and put her out there as a Supreme Court nominee. We've gotten some movement on the border issue. Granted, it hasn't gone as far as it should have, but we've made some progress. We keep up the pressure, we'll pull it off.

But we can't apply that pressure to a liberal demoncrat in office. Keep that in mind.

Limbaugh also made a great point yesterday. If we protest vote and the demons get in office, we'll have two years of hell. We'll be so sick of what the demons do to our country that we'll vote for whatever the Republicans can put out there to beat Hillary. That would probably be McCain, since he's just slightly to the right of Gorbachev. Do we REALLY want that choice? Readers of this blog know what I think of McCain. I'd rather Republicans keep office. That way, we'll have a more conservative candidate for President in two years. They are at least responsive to the pressure I can bring to bear on them. A demoncrat won't be, and they are the antithesis of all we stand for.

Just more to think about. The more I do so, and the more I study the issue, I'm convinced that a protest vote is pretty stupid. Why allow the enemy a stronger foothold? Why set conservativism back that much more? We've made progress, we just need to keep up the pressure. And we have to have candidates who would respond to our pressure.

I know this is a recant of what I've said in this blog before. I still don't like it, and I'd vote in a heartbeat for a conservative third party out there that had a chance of winning. But there's not one. So there we go.


Prest0 said...

That sounds like fear tactics to me. "If you don't vote for us, something really bad will happen."

Well maybe so. Bad stuff happens all the time, originating from both parties. But I'm simply not going to reward the behavior I've seen from our politicians. The Republicans need a wakeup call, and frankly the only way they're going to get it is by seeing their votes erode. Angry letters won't do it. Your vote is your only currency. (Okay, currency is your currency too. I'm sure a big donation would get someone's attention, but neither of us have *that* kind of money.)

The Republicans are running scared because they know they've been fiddling while Rome burned, so now they're scrabbling around to protect their power. It's that simple. So now they raise the specter of the boogy man so we'll keep them in power? To heck with that, and to heck with them.

Anonymous said...

So what you're going to actively participate in is allowing a socialistic party to get in power, raise your taxes, strip your gun rights, ruin your national security, just to make a point? You're going to allow the party that stands against every conservative value the majority of Americans have to take power, and worsen the situation?

The Republicans did improve things. Granted, they fell down on the job a bit, but it was miles of progress after the setbacks of the Clintonistas. Again, simply for what the courts could become under the Democrats, I'm not going to risk it. We KNOW what they will appoint to the bench, and what they will block if they have the votes. Those repercussions will go on for potentially 30 years or more after this election is nothing but a memory. Sorry, I'm not risking that. That's what your protest vote will get you.

Call it fear if you will, but we know what the demoncrats will do if they get in power. It's not a specter, it's a proven, hard-core fact. You know this.

You have a point, and a valid one. But I'm not going to shoot myself in the foot on the courts just to make my grand protest. I've listened to both sides of the argument at this point, and I've decided a protest vote is akin to teenage rebellion: Grand, angry, seemingly noble, but ultimately stupid and self-destructive.

You've made a point, all right. One that you'll live to regret if the dems win.