Thursday, December 02, 2004

"And now, for something completely different..."

I can’t help it: I have to sleep tonight or lose what’s left of my mind. So instead of wowing you with my mental flights of fancy, I will direct you to some thought provoking pieces done by those more talented than I. I’ll also add a couple of purely random thoughts, just because it’s sometimes funny to see what a sleep-deprived brain can come up with.

The religion of peace kills a filmmaker who had the audacity to be critical of them, and no outrage from Hollywood?

Pat Sajak (yes, the Wheel of Fortune guy) makes a few interesting points in this article. Well worth your read. (Hat tip: Michael Savage)

Another great blog to look at. Please go read “Football, and the Ballistics of Chuck’s Head” at this website. This cracked me up.

In regards to last nights’ post, the more I think about both subjects, the madder I get. Not healthy.

Fans of Cajun food (well, sorta Cajun food) are encouraged to try the blackened chicken fettuchini at Boo-ray’s, a small Cajun place in Weatherford, Texas. Tell ‘em I sent you. They’ll have no freaking idea who I am. They’ll just think you’re trying to score a discount.

Let’s all be honest: Julia Roberts has a horseface.

I found out Clay Aiken has his own Christmas special in a couple of weeks. Didn’t he lose on AMERICAN IDOL? The guy that won had a breakdown of some sort last week. That's real fair. The kid who stuck his finger in a light socket gets his own special. The fat guy who won almost dies.

Fans of big firepower in small packages are encouraged to check out Smith and Wesson’s Chief’s Special in .45 caliber. I’m holding out hope for the .500 S&W Magnum in a derringer. That’s my solution to creating a “Noisy Cricket” that actually works, and does everything the one in the movies did. That’s from MEN IN BLACK, for the culturally uneducated out there.

My question for the evening, in a shameless attempt to see if anyone is actually reading this stuff, is as follows: assume you could have a real, working phaser from STAR TREK. What would you disintegrate with it? To head off the closet sickos, you may only use the “stun” feature on people.

That oughta provoke SOME thought out there. Admit it. Who among us hasn’t wanted a phaser?

You’ll never watch PRETTY WOMAN again without thinking “Seabiscuit” every time she’s on screen. Wait and see.

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Anonymous said...

I would start a waste disposal company and make a fortune distentigrating trash without any of the overhead of actually having to put it somewhere.