Tuesday, December 28, 2004

The UN Thinks Our Taxes Are Too Low.....

Last night's post about how stingy the US relief to Asia is just got worse. Drudge now has a full story linked, from the Washington Times. Apparently, the UN's relief coordinator thinks we would be able to give more if our taxes were higher.

Plus, he thinks we WANT to pay more taxes. Apparently, he forgot to ask me how I felt about the matter.

I am absolutely speechless. If this does not illustrate how insane the rest of the world really is, I don't know what it will take. I think it also illustrates that the UN is a poison thorn in the side of the US, and the world.

I think my plan last night for the UN and a new basketball arena should be implemented immediately. If we continue to fund one dollar of this corrupt and socialistic organization, it's too much money.

Note to the politicians: get us out of the UN, and shut it down once and for all. If you're not for getting us out of the UN, then I'm not voting for you.

We're the last superpower. We can handle helping out the world all on our own. We're doing it anyway. At least we'd take a middleman out of the aid loop, who seems to be stealing us blind.

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