Friday, December 10, 2004

Back To God's Country...

...for the weekend. Time to recharge the mental batteries in the homeland. So no blogging until Sunday, more than likely.

At that time, I'm sure I will return with witty insights, brilliant analysis, thought-provoking commentary, and more BS.

I might even attempt to Christmas shop. It would break a long-standing tradition to have it done before 9:00pm on Christmas Eve. I'm terrible at gift giving, which is probably why I'm really against the whole commercialization of Christmas-thing.

I also hate the fact that America is apparently forgetting the whole CHRIST thing in the word CHRISTMAS. We can talk about Ramadan, Chanukah, and Kwaanza (whatever the hell that is), but say "merry Christmas" in the MSM and you're branded some sort of intolerant bigot. Well, I'd like a little tolerance for us Anglo-Saxon Christians as well. I may even start putting up nativity scenes in my yard, just to hack off an atheist in the neighborhood. It looks like the good guys won the election. We appear to be losing the war on expressing our faith and its guiding principles. Principles; I might add, which are the foundation of this country's laws and Constitution. Face it, Christians made this country what it is today. Not Muslims. Not Buddists. Not pagans. Christians. I know that's a hard fact, but deal with it. Jesus deserves some props, here.

I digress. Back to the shopping thing. I never know what to buy people. I detest fighting crowds at malls, snooty salespeople, and trying to figure out where exactly I parked the truck while carrying 200 pounds of presents.

One day I'll get it all done by November, via the Internet. I've been saying that for about 10 years now. I might not have to worry. The whole holiday (oops. Can't say "holiday", might offend an atheist.) will be outlawed by then anyway.

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