Sunday, May 21, 2006

Fear and Loathing Of The Elected

So, who's hacked off about the spineless Senate on the immigration issue?

Appreantly I didn't make myself clear to one of my duly elected Senators: vote for any kind of amnesty and/or guest worker program, and you've lost my vote. Kay Bailey Hutchinson responded to my email with a letter informing me that she supports a guest worker program. And the malarkey that Bush spewed on us this week is simply incredible. How can he support anything that will bring in 100+ million immigrants in the next 20 years? How does he think we can handle all of that? How does he think social security can handle bringing in elderly family members, and allowing them to draw benefits from a program they never paid into??? Bottom line: taxpayers will get a further molestation.

OK, be that way. You just lost one vote. Again, I'll NEVER vote for a democrat. Ever. But a third-party candidate would look awfully appealing to me right about now. It's not like I haven't protest voted before. I was suckered by Perot like a bunch of others. Looks like I'm heading that way again.

However, Cornyn has done good work up there. I'll still give him my vote.

It's up to the House at this point. I don't hold much hope.

As always, and as is best, it will be up to private citizens to deal with this mess. Support the Minutemen. Push for a conservative third-party candidate out there.

And get ready. I have a feeling things are going to get worse. Especially as long as the PC crowd is still allowed to flourish.

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