Sunday, May 21, 2006

An Inquiry Regarding New Toys

Has anyone out there shot the new Beretta PX4 pistol? If so, do you like it? Is is worth the investment?

Secondly, has anyone shot the Smith and Wesson M&P? How would you rate it?

I am somewhat leery of Berettas, since I had one blow up on me a couple of months ago. I'm pretty sure it was bad ammo, but still. It scared the fire out me, one way or the other. I am also somewhat concerned with Smith's quality, since a Sigma I was shooting decided to spit out a plastic bolt from around the trigger assembly during the shoot. I know, Sigmas have never been rated much higher than a Jennings, but still....

So that's why I'm asking. Both guns appear to have great designs, but previous history with the companies' products lead me to be somewhat nervous about their new offerings.

I eagerly await any and all information that might be forthcoming.

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Benjamin said...


If I had an opinion, I would give it up. Unfortunately, the gun you cite is one I am not, and probably will not, be interested in.

Network. No one is going to blogroll your ass (except me) unless you blogroll them.

Just a suggestion,