Saturday, May 13, 2006

New Fun Website

I have been searching for a good analysis of the motivation of Islamic terror. It appears that I have found it with this website and this author.

I have ordered a couple of Robert Spencer's books. This is what I have been looking for: an in-depth analysis of Islam, and what it extorts its followers to do. It is also a pretty good explanation of how Muslims treat non-Muslims. This is summed up by the concept of Dhimmi, and what that would mean to any country that lives under Sharia.

This is a bit worrisome to me, and it should be to the rest of the world. If the holy books of this particular religion demand total subjugation of non-believers, to the point of killing or enslaving them, it doesn't leave much room for peaceful resolution, does it? Read this article for a quick analysis of the peaceful teachings of Islam.

I found this stuff while searching for info about Mohammed Reza Tahiri-azar the Chapel Hill student who ran his SUV into a crowd at the Unversity, intending to kill as many as he could hit in the name of Allah. He has been writing helpful explanations as to why he did what he did from jail.

If this stuff doesn't scare you, I don't know what will.


Prest0 said...

On a semi-related topic, this was an interesting look at the cultural differences in how we approach war. It's something we in the West take for granted, but it fundamentally changes the entire battle. It also begs the question, if there's no such thing as a Decisive Battle then how does one win?

Kyle The Opinionated said...

That was a great dissertation on the war issue.

I think it's axiomatic: there has to be a decisive victory in war. Otherwise, there's no victory, and you've accomplished nothing.

Wars have ended all sorts of nasty problems in the world like slavery, communism, the nazis, etc.

Sometimes the only way to deal with a problem is to kick the living hell out of until it ceases being a problem.

Prest0 said...

"I think it's axiomatic: there has to be a decisive victory in war. Otherwise, there's no victory, and you've accomplished nothing."


So if the nature of the enemy is that there can be no Decisive Victory because it's akin to kicking a pool of water, then it's time to start looking at other ways of winning. Wars *have* ended all sorts of nasty problems (although it's interesting to note that your examples involved opponents who also embraced Decisive Victory) (and which war ended communism?), but it's not the only option. How's the maxim go? "When you're a hammer, every problem looks like a nail."

I'm still convinced that the way to remove the problem is by removing the cultural foundations supporting the problem. Cultural Imperialism. Look at how early Christianity wore away pagan religions by bringing them into the fold. Contrast that to the Crusades.

Anonymous said...

Let's keep in mind exactly why the Crusades were fought: The rise of Islam, and the followers of Mohammed sweeping into Jerusalem and killing Christians.

The Cold War ended Soviet-style communism, though it's creeping back again everywhere we look.

You are going to have to remove the basic problem with Islam to beat it. Unfortunately, that will have to mean beating the entire religion into submission, because their entire religion is based on enslaving or killing "infidels", as well as the spread of their religion by the use of force, dying if necessary to kill the rest of us.

I agree about the root of the problem being the culture from whence it sprang. There's only one way to remove that sort of cultural root, and that's probably going to be to nuke it into submission. We were able to win a decisive victory over Japan, which had a different view of war than we did; one very much like what you refer to. Surrender meant dishonor, akin to death in their samurai culture. We had to unleash a force so terrible against them they realized they could not survive if they persisted. That's a decisive victory if I've ever seen one.

I completely disagree: sometimes war IS the only option, no matter how much you wish otherwise. You do have to have the will to win, whatever that takes, once you're in it.

Do you think that seminars, UN sanctions, and psycho-babble will fix the problem of Islamo-fascism? Nope. They're not going to change just because. The only way that will happen is to defeat it. If "defeat" means crushing it, then there's your decisive victory.